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Furthermore, you are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase this program. This means that if you read the materials and decide that they are not worth it or not clear enough, you can contact the support team and receive a full refund. No questions asked!

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operation blackout how to survive

The Dark Age Defense™ is the ultimate survival guide, teaching users on how to create “revolutionary” technology to keep the lights on for you and your family even in the most severe of emergencies.

Simply following the step-by-step guide should empower you with a safe, sustainable source of endless renewable energy when our outdated power grid collapses due to extreme weather, war, etc.

Given the rising frequency of extreme weather events, natural disasters, and the increased threats of war, learning how to survive and keep your house lit is more important than ever. If you’re willing to learn, The Dark Age Defense™ might be the ideal option.

What is The Dark Age Defense™ ?

dark age defense book

The Dark Age Defense™ is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on establishing a long-term, proven strategy to keep your lights on in the event of an emergency. The technology is referred to as a “Infinity Coil” by the author and is reportedly based in part on Nikola Tesla’s research.

Furthermore, the author claims that The Dark Age Defense™ System is based on unreleased technology. He claims it will be years before it happens.

The author says that this technology is superior to any current alternative solution, such as backup generators or solar panels. This is because solar panels fail much too frequently, and these panels are readily destroyed or damaged in a natural disaster. Generators, on the other hand, are loud, take a lot of fuel, and are only intended to power the bare minimum of equipment in your home.

The Infinity Coil, on the other hand, is designed to get enough power to light up your entire home, keep appliances running, and ensure that you and your family never have to worry about blackouts again.

Who Is The Author The Dark Age Defense™ ?

Paul Grabowski, a fervent Christian, dedicated husband, and plumber, recently made a video presentation about how a power outage affected his family. With the changing weather, this will be an ongoing struggle, and as the family’s provider, Paul couldn’t stand by idly as his family died. After nearly an hour of waiting, his attempt to call the electricity supplier ended in failure.

Given the devastation caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, many people are concerned that new battles are being prepared in secret. Taking matters into his own hands, the plumber investigated options to provide electricity regardless of weather conditions. His problems worsened when he discovered that the United States was under attack, with a special focus on the nation’s electrical system.

How Does The Dark Age Defense™ Program Works?

The Dark Age Defense™ is the only foolproof survival plan particularly designed to guarantee you and your family are better prepared for Blackout day. This survival programme guides you step by step through the building of your Infinity Coil. It demonstrates how to get it up and running in minutes by disclosing the crucial actions you and your family must follow.

The Dark Age Defense™ fully prepares you for the aftermath by providing complete rest of mind and the confidence that it doesn’t matter how long the power grid is down. It helps alleviate your concerns about being in the dark with all of your appliances and devices functioning for as long as possible. The effects of Blackout Day will go well beyond a damaged electrical system, according to The Dark Age Defense™.

This method goes much beyond simply creating an infinite coil. The instructions are surprisingly easy, and they can assist you in creating the ideal-sized “Infinity Coil” for you and your family. This guide will show all you need to know to effectively prepare for a pandemic, natural calamity, or societal collapse. With this programme, you may participate as a survival expert in a perilous survival situation.

This programme will keep you safe in any scenario and will safeguard you from anything that may occur in experience. It demonstrates the most natural way to deliver service, in which you will feel like a man or a woman for the first time in your life.

What Is Included Inside The Dark Age Defense™ Guide

The Dark Age Defense™ system powers your entire house with a new technology known as “infinity Coil.” The author gives detailed instructions for making the technology at home with minimum equipment. Rather of panic when the power blackout, The Dark Age Defense™ program helps you in moving to clean energy within 30 minutes.They claim that this technology can easily power your entire house. The curriculum, on the other way, goes past that point . You will also learn the following:

What Are Benefits Of The Dark Age Defense™

There are numerous benefits of the The Dark Age Defense™ that you need to know about before your purchase:

What Are “BONUSES” Deal In The Event That You


However, when you order The Dark Age Defense™, you’ll receive a special bonus package that are included in the survivalist.These are instant-access digital bonuses. Within these bonuses include:


Bullet-Proof Bugout

bonus bullet proof book

It’s a good reminder of our catastrophe preparedness bugout strategy. Using this manual, you may build a 72-hour survival kit for special forces personnel.

This book would normally cost you at least $59, but thanks to The Dark Age Defense™, you can get it for nothing free at all.


Water On Demand

bonus water on demand book

Everyone who is rich in minerals needs water to stay hydrated. This book will teaching you how to save water for your household in an effective way. It advises you on how to generate clean water and how to store it.


Produce Oasis

produce oasis

It is possible to keep your food safe even in harsh environments, according to this guide. It offers information on food consumption as well as the rapid acceleration of food development through the use of a sock fertilizer-method technique. It can help you in learning how to cultivate crops that provide your body with natural nutrients.


Off-Grid Independence

bonus independence book

This book will instruct you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle under disaster situations. The guide costs $59, but The Dark Age Defense™ provides it for free, allowing you to maintain a healthy and serene lifestyle regardless of the cause of the disaster.

Pros And Cons Of The Dark Age Defense™

Final Verdict: Is There Value To Buying The Dark Age Defense™ ?

The Dark Age Defense™ method isan affordable price, and you do not need to spend a lot of money to get this instruction.It will successfully demonstrate the one-of-a-kind technique that will help you in getting the way to switch your power on.

This book teaches you what to do if the light goes out and how to recover energy by revealing the specific methods of the foolprint blueprint, which enables you the idea of what to do when the power goes out.

The Dark Age Defense™ contains step-by-step directions for creating an effective and efficient system to keep your power and lights on in the case of emergency. The Dark Age Defense™ skills is based on experience and could be the difference between trying to live.

You can invest in The Dark Age Defense™ with 100% money-back guarantee and peace of mind.Because your purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, if you want a refund for any reason and if you are not satisfied with The Dark Age Defense™, or if this book does not meet your requirements for any reason, all you have to do is contact us in any way to get your money back. As a response, you will receive your money back.

Get The Entire
Dark Age Defense™
+ 4 Exclusive Bonuses
For Only $67

(Regular Price $303)

secure payment
money back 300x300 1

60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Furthermore, you are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase this program. This means that if you read the materials and decide that they are not worth it or not clear enough, you can contact the support team and receive a full refund. No questions asked!

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